It’s beyond my belief how people believe their own lies. How one body can make up stories and honestly believe them to be true. Believe what they are saying is all true, all facts, all honesty. They aren’t the ones in the wrong, they have everyone’s best interests at heart and that the people around them are all poisonous and bad.

I often wonder what possibly goes through ones mind when contemplating another lie, another false story, false action. Does one feel any guilt, any regret, any bad at all?

How does one live their life fully and happily with no guilt or remorse. Does one think or rather care of the consequences their actions might have upon others, friends, family or loved ones. Does one know what affect their actions have on others. Does one even care?

Tonight someone who is supposed to care, love, support and be there for you just proved to me that once a liar, always a liar. When one continually tells lies and believes them, when one makes out you are the liar and the one who is evil. One does not know the affect their lies have on another body.

Being someone who has been lied to most of her life has fallen into the trap of occasionally telling the white lie- as we all do. When one is lied to, manipulated, controlled, put down throughout their life they begin to believe they are everything bad people have said about them. They begin to lose their self worth, self love, self respect. One will never trust someone like they used to, one will never know what the truth is, one will always question themselves or others about another ones actions or words.

One only wants honesty and trust in this world we call home. But one knows the world is not a perfect place and is willing to accept the fact some people are liars who will never change. One knows that all they can do is focus on themselves and make each day a new day to better themselves.

xo Woundsheal96







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