Losing a pet.

During my life I’ve lost a few pets. Fish, Chickens and Birds but nothing can compare to the feeling of losing a dog. When you’ve had a dog since you were 3 years old and they were your everything. When you and her went on adventures together, hugged each other in storms and when she would comfort you when you were upset or angry. It obviously breaks your heart when it’s their time to go.

The feeling of losing a dog you’ve had for 17years and been through thick and thin with just turns your world upside down. 2years ago today I sadly lost my very first dog, her name was Pepper, she was a Border Collie. She had the most happiest life, loved adventures, walks, water, playing fetch and going on holidays to the creek, oh and she loved Corn Chips. I remember taking her to the bush one year during Easter for a holiday and she used to chase cows and chased a DONKEY. She loved swimming in the creek and just sitting around the fire at night with us. She was such a happy dog and was always in good spirits so when her spirits started going down it was hard to see her not as happy or healthy.

Over the last few years before you passed I saw you getting weaker and not as lively which killed me but you were still happy to play. It wasn’t until the last months/year before you passed which was the most upsetting.

I first noticed your fur going grey around your mouth and eyes, then noticed your eyes going cloudy and you found it hard to navigate around. Your hearing then started to go as well as your bladder and it just got worse from there. Those last few months that you were still here baby you struggled, you were in so much pain and all I wanted to do was help you and take away all that pain. I was so worried that I would get home from school or work and you would already be gone without a goodbye.

The day you left us was one of the hardest days I’ve had to deal with. Watching you leave us was even harder but I was staying with you until your last breath. I remember laying next to you holding your head and telling you how much I love you and how much I would miss you as you took your last breaths. I felt and heard you leave this earth and I couldn’t stop crying. I cried for days after honey and even now there are times I still cry. I love and miss you so much sweetheart, I love you just as much as I did when you were still here with us. I wish I could bring you back just for a day. I know you are better where you are now.

Honestly, I cannot put into words how I feel about you being gone or how I felt when this happened. ❤







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