So Magical

December is such an exciting time of year for some people. Family get togethers, family vacations, presents, Santa, Christmas carols, candy canes, Christmas movies, Christmas lights and so much more. For some, December can also be a very stressful, depressing time of year as it’s when most of our yearly income goes down the drain and some people may not have all their family around them for Christmas Day around them.

Do you ever remember being  a child and you counted the sleeps until Santa came? Do you remember writing up your Christmas list and telling your parents how excited you were for Santa to come? Do you remember when your parents would tell you on Christmas Eve that if you didn’t go to bed early or get to sleep that Santa wouldn’t come?

All these things are just so magical, I remember as a child every Christmas eve I would sit down and write a letter to Santa and his reindeers. I would then leave out a carrot, some milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeers. I’d then wake up in the morning and all the food and drinks would be gone and so would my letter. I can’t even remember how I felt when I saw that Santa had taken my letter. The excitement I got when my mum, sister and myself all sat around the Christmas tree waiting patiently to open all our gifts from Santa. Mum would tell us to go through our stockings first to see what Santa had left inside. She would then read out the presents and who they were to and if they were from her or Santa. The excitement I would feel when I opened my presents and saw what Santa had bought me was so magical. The whole Christmas spirit and concept was so magical and happy. Not only would Santa leave us gifts but he would also leave us a trail of reindeer hoof prints or some of his magic dust to some of our gifts.

Since growing up I have become quite a GRINCH when it comes to Christmas. I don’t like Christmas carols, Christmas cards, setting up the Christmas tree or really seeing everyone for a family gathering on Christmas day. But this year it feels different. I am overly excited, been watching Christmas movies, been singing to Christmas carols and much more. I’ve been counting down the days till Christmas this year and I am so so excited if I haven’t stated that already. Deep down I know there is a Santa out there. Christmas is so magical and it would be nothing without Santa and his reindeers.

I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year..



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