I’m sick and tired of people using me when I’m vulnerable. Just because I have scars on my arms doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the best.

There are so many people I have come across in my life that see I have scars and just take my weakness as their strength. Call me names, ask questions about them, look at me differently all because of them. 

The people who use and abuse people when they are vulnerable or at their worst are just low. It’s not fair. Before getting involved with someone get your own shit sorted from past relationships so you don’t bring it into the new one. Using that shit on a vulnerable person doesn’t help them, just pushes them further away. Give people who are vulnerable a chance, give them a chance to talk, express how they feel or what they are thinking. Give them a break. 

This year I have met quite a few people who i thought would be different to the others I’ve come across. They would tell me – “I’m different to the others, I won’t treat you like that, you deserve better” ect – sadly none of them met that expectation. They just proved to me that they were exactly like everyone else who said these things – people who don’t care, are only curious, only want one thing and are full of themselves. Half of the people I’ve associated with this year say they care and want to listen to what’s on my mind so I start to tell them and then they make some lame excuse so they don’t have to listen to me anymore. I very rarely speak about how I feel or my thoughts but when I do no one seems to stick around. 

I crave that person who I can call mine, who will listen and not leave. If only people had a heart, if only people cared and honestly cared. No one ever thinks before they speak or before they act. No one ever seems to give a shit when I might be vulnerable they just use and abuse it.

For once in your life can you all just give a shit about people. Think before you act or speak, don’t just think about yourself. 



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