Fight like a girl…

I am currently in the middle of reading the novel “Fight Like a Girl” by Clementine Ford. I have never really heard much about feminism and how empowering feminism can be. I never knew that a book could be so life changing and how good a book could make you feel.


Feminism is something that is rarely spoken about and the subject is sadly becoming taboo. Clementine covers so many subjects that so many women struggle with or have struggled with. She lets out her emotions, thoughts and feelings in this book which makes it all the more interesting and empowering to read. She covers subjects such as men, how women live in the kitchen, abortions and much more.

While reading this book  I have experienced many different emotions, thoughts and flashbacks to many of the things that have happened in my life or things I have or currently am dealing with.

There are certain subjects that Clementine covers in this book that hits harder for me than others. The anger she presents/portrays in this book is so relatable. Her anger towards men and the way they treat women really makes my blood boil. So many men have this belief that women belong in the kitchen. They are the ones to stay home and clean the house, look after the children and cook the food while the man goes to work and earns the income. It’s simple comments like “you belong in the kitchen,” or “go make me a sandwich” that men direct toward women that can have more of an impact on them than they realise.

Clementine talks about hair removal and the way men expect their “girl” or “woman” to look. For example, clean shaven, sexy lingerie, only wear certain colours etc. I have come across a number of guys that have been very particular or strict per say  on how I was to look or dress. I was told I have to be clean shaven otherwise I would get punished in ways no one should ever get punished. Why is it that it seems to be okay for men to have so much judgement on women? Why is it okay for men to tell us women how we should look or telling us to get hair removal? Women are human as well and as a human it is natural for us to have hair on our legs, genitals, under our arms, on our arms etc., so why oh why do men think it’s okay to tell us to remove it all? So what if a girl didn’t shave her legs one week or if she didn’t shave under her arms. It irritates me when men think it’s okay to tell a girl she is like a bear “down there” or her legs are too hairy. What if a girl feels more confident with hair on her genitals than she does without it? Men need to cut women some slack and love them for who they are.

When women fall pregnant, it is up to the woman and the woman only what she does with that baby. No one and I mean no one has the right to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do with that baby. No man should tell a woman that they have to abort it. It is her body, her baby, her life and she has the right to choose what is best for her and her life. People abort for so many different reasons – ask women who have aborted and I promise each of them will have a different story or reason why they chose to. Clementine mentions in her book that she has had a few abortions and why. Like she says in the book- women have the right to have control over their lives and what they choose to do with their bodies. 

There is one part of Clementine’s book that really hits hard and deep for me. Find this passage below~

How can men possibly hope to change the world in all ways that women need when half the time they don’t even realise we’re living on two different planes of the same dimension? We are the only ones equipped to lead the feminist fight because we are in possession of knowledge that can only be gleaned from experience. Surrendering control of our liberation to the same men who benefit from us being denied it isn’t just a dangerous exercise in irony – it’s a guaranteed way to ensure nothing truly changes.

Women are being killed on a weekly basis by men who hate them so much but want desperately to control them. We’re raped, violated, abused, pushed around, undermined, ridiculed, mocked, beaten, bullied and degraded. And to make matters worse, we’re told that our complaints about these things are overwrought, hysterical and defamatory. “Suck it up, princess, the world isn’t fair. Get over it, it’s just a joke. A good cock up ya will sort you out.” 

And still they ask : Why do you hate men?

This part of Clementine’s book really hits hard and deep for me. It really gets me thinking and brings out many different emotions and feelings for me.

More of us women need to be aware of feminism, the effects it can have on other women and how empowering and inspiring it is for others as well. I know by just reading this book, I don’t feel so alone in certain aspects of my life because I feel Clementine is there with me, walking this journey and knows what it’s all about. Women have the right to be how they want to be. If you want to let your leg hairs grow – THEN DO IT! You don’t want to shave your genitals – THEN DON’T! Women don’t have to be feminine all the time- we are human. As women we deserve to be able to slouch around in our PJ’S all day, messy unwashed hair, hairy legs, under arms, genitals or even not shower all day until you feel like it. We deserve to be able to eat what we wish without being ridiculed, judged or called names because of it.


This book has made me want to make a stand for feminism. EACH WOMAN DESERVES IT INCLUDING ME! Stand up for yourselves and know you are worth it.

Stay Strong





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