Thinking Thoughts…

Have you ever wanted something so badly but too afraid when it finds you? Do you ever just wish you could get your mind to stop spinning, stop thinking, just to be quiet? One minute you’re crying and then “BAM” within a few seconds you’re fine, you’re calm.

When you’re doing so well and then something triggers you and you just go back to square one. Back to the same old habits, losing people once again. When you hate the person you have become but are finding it extremely hard trying to change.

You want to move forward in your life but something is holding you back, pulling you back to where you started. Making you go through it all again before letting you get back on your feet just to pull you right back again to start over.

When you lost all self love, self respect and self care for yourself. When you want to find it again and to become a better person but have no idea where to find it or how to find it.

When you aren’t used to someone treating you with love and respect but when they do and you’re happy, you manage to sabotage it and ruin it all.

When you are trying so hard to change but seem to have no support around you when you slip up.

When you thought meeting people and trying to recover is what would be best for you, when people just make you feel like such a bad person.

When people say you are a player and just like the others when really no one knows me. Someone said to me that you would know if you were playing someone because it’s intentional. Unfortunately I’m not that type of person.


Where’s the FAITH?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Thoughts…

  1. I like your rhetorical questions in the beginning and the sentence I identified most is “when you are trying so hard to change but seem to have no support around you when you slip up.”


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