Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. – That’s the easy way to explain it.

Living it is a whole different story.

It’s the constant cramping, bloating, back pain, leg pain, sore breasts, unpleasent discharge, fatigue, weakness. The cramping can get crippling, curled over in pain crippling. It’s like someone has a handful of razors, constantly punching you with them, excruciating pain, pain that literally takes your breath away.

You get pregnancy symptoms yet you aren’t pregnant. Pregnancy is the one thing that may never be possible for you – and you fear it. The bloating is phsyically painful, rock hard stomach. No matter what you eat, your body hates it. It’s the foods you would think wouldn’t do it – meat, egg, fruit, salad, certain sugars. All make me bloat! It even got to the point that even SOY milk was doing it. Don’t think there is one food that doesn’t do it.

It’s the every day things that affects you the most. Certain exercises, laying on your stomach, even laying on your back and breathing in hurts, lifting boxes at work, leaning your torso/stomach against a bench and even going to the toilet hurts. The fatigue hits you hard, you could sleep for 12+ hours yet be exhausted. It’s the weakness within your body, it’s the skin breakouts, the spot bleeding for weeks on end.

When your gyno says to you – “Have your period every 6 months instead of every month, it’ll help”, – currently on your 2nd period since March and it’s no better than it was before surgery. You lose so much blood that you become anemic. It’s bleeding through a tampon within an hour or two (can only wear a tampon during the first day) – it’s excruciating to wear them any other day,  it’s passing big clots reguarly, it’s the pain when opening your bladder and bowels, the headaches. Some days are better than others, you just don’t want to go through this anymore, you want it all to end. The pain, bloating, discomfort – everything.

Your gyno says to you, let’s see how you go with having your period every 6 months and if there is no improvement then lets try the Lupron/Depo Shot. These are monthly hormonal injections that are supposed to help with Endometriosis. Sadly, there are many side effects and in the end they may never work – hair loss, weight gain, infertility, Scoliosis, loss of bone mass density, going mental (pyscotic), – I personally can’t see the benefits from these shots at all and wouldn’t even try them- the cons outweigh the pros at the moment.

You’re constantly taking tablets to help with bloating, painkillers to ease the cramping and headaches. It just never seems to stop. For years you struggled with painful periods & then other symptoms began to happen – everyone said it was normal. Doctors said – You’re lactose intolerant, you’re gluten intolerant, you have Inflammatory Pelvic Disease, just take painkillers – It’s just your period, it’s just PMS.

You have test after test, scan after scan just to see if you have it and every test and scan comes back clear- so you get dismissed – it’s all in your head. After persistance, you get booked in for surgery to find out if you have it. They open you up and they find it everywhere  ~ all across your Pelvis, Bladder, Bowel, Cervix, so much of it. It wasn’t just in your head!!! Before surgery it got pretty bad. The endo on your bladder caused accidents – constantly needing to pass urine and never actually making it to the bathroom on time, holding on was impossible.

This disease should not be glorified. It’s serious and it needs more awareness and treatment options available. It’s a living hell for those who have to live it everyday.

Stay Strong



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